Wednesday January 10, 2017

Location: Auditorium 4, MH-Building (MH-bygget), University of Tromsø - The Arctic University of Norway


08:30 Registration opens


09:00 Opening Robert Jenssen


09:15 Keynote 1: Sébastien Lefèvre


10:00 Coffee break


10:40 Modeling Difficulty to Understand Deep Learning Performance, John P Lalor


11:00 Deep Feature Based Discriminative Appearance Model for Multi-Target Tracking, Mohib Ullah


11:20 Possibilities and Challenges of Deep Learning in Automatic Autonomous Vision-based Power Line Inspection, Nhan Van Nguyen


11:40 Lunch


12:40 Keynote 2: Nicolas Courty


13:25 Fine-Tuning of ImageNet trained Deep Neural Networks for Seafloor Mine Recognition in Sonar Images, Narada Dilp Warakagoda


13:45 Panel discussion: Generalization and transferability in Deep Learning


14:30 Coffee break


15:10 Deep Kernelized Autoencoders, Michael Kampffmeyer


15:30 Temporal Kernelized Autoencoders for Time Series with Missing Data, Filippo Maria Bianchi


15:50 Practical information for the northern light activity


18:00 Northern light activity (See info below)



Thursday January 11, 2017

Location: B302, Science-Building (Realfagbygget), University of Tromsø - The Arctic University of Norway


09:00 Keynote 4: Atsuto Maki


10:05 Deep Learning and Radiomics, Cristian C Rocha


10:25 A domain adaptation framework for sequence labeling in Electronic Health Records, Abhyuday Jagannatha


10:45 Coffee break


Location: Auditorium 4, MH-Building (MH-bygget), University of Tromsø - The Arctic University of Norway


11:15 Deep autoencoders for visualizing chronic patient data, Cristina Soguero Ruiz


11:35 Towards deep anchor learning, Mads Adrian Hansen


11:55 Learning to read games, Ulf Brefeld


12:15 Lunch


13:15 Keynote 5: Devis Tuia


14:00 Uncertainty Modelling and Interpretability in Convolutional Neural Networks for Polyp Segmentation, Kristoffer Knutsen Wickstrøm


14:20 Segment-based Credit Scoring using Deep Variational Auto Encoders, Rogelio Andrade Mancisidor


14:40 Coffee break


15:10 Combinations of Deep Neural Nets for Scene Sentiment Analysis, Stephan K Chalup


15:30 Classification of postoperative surgical site infections from blood measurements with missing data using recurrent neural networks, Andreas Storvik Strauman


15:50 Panel discussion: Next steps in Deep Learning


16:30 Leave for Workshop dinner


17:00 Workshop dinner




Northern Lights Social Event

We invite you to our Aurora camp along where our professional guides will host you for the evening. We will have a fantastic vantage point for the Aurora Borealis at our centre, only 25 minutes outside of Tromsø. Not only that but introduce visit to our 300 Huskie and, of course, our puppies.

Relax outside byt the camp fire in and keep warm in the Arctic as we wait for the Northern Lights to dance across the sky.

During the visit we provide a warm meal of Norwegian still Bacalao, local Stock fish (cod) prepared with tomato sauce (vegetarian meal available upon request) served in our traditional round house

Duration: 4 hours

Pickup/Drop off:

Radisson Blu Hotel: 18:45/23:00

Included: Guiding, transport (25 minute each way), dinner, hot drinks, warm clothes;