Contributor Guidelines

How to submit a contribution


We invite participants to submit two-page extended abstracts in the area of Deep Learning. Submissions can be work-in-progress. Submissions of previous recently published work or work under review are also allowed. Accepted contributions will be accepted as contributing talks or poster presentations. Contributions to the workshop will hence not result in peer-reviewed papers, and there will be no traditional proceedings. Extended abstracts and/or presentations will however be made available on the workshop web pages upon consent from the presenters.


The extended abstract can be submitted using CMT by following this link. We accept submission of 2 page extended abstracts (incl. references) of a maximum size of 20MB. The abstracts should be in pdf format (two column, font size 10). The submission need not be anonymized.


Further instructions for the submission will appear during the submission procedure, by following the link above.


A ZIP archive with a LaTeX template for the two column abstract can be downloaded here.